Despite numerous improvements to character customization in Destiny 2 over the years, one crucial aspect continues to frustrate certain players: the absence of facial hair options.

Destiny 2 has undergone significant enhancements, especially in player customization, with features like the Universal Armor Ornament system revolutionizing outfit personalization. However, the game’s flexibility had long halted at clothing choices, leaving players unable to modify their characters’ hair or facial features, even after transitioning from the original game. This meant that for some, their appearance had remained unchanged for almost a decade.

This changed in April 2024 with the launch of Destiny 2’s latest major update, “Into the Light,” which finally allowed limited re-customization of characters’ faces and hairstyles. While this update addressed a longstanding complaint, another issue has persisted for almost as long: the absence of facial hair options, notably beards.

A Reddit user named SnooChocolates3167 revived this concern on the DestinyFashion subreddit, referencing a 2020 post by KoalaTeaGuy on the Destiny 2 subreddit. KoalaTeaGuy had edited a screenshot from Destiny 2: Forsaken, adding a beard to the player’s character, illustrating the potential impact of such a feature dramatically.

Players on DestinyFashion echoed SnooChocolates3167’s sentiments, bemoaning the lack of facial hair and broader head customization options. Some acknowledged that most players keep their helmets on, minimizing the importance of facial customization. Nonetheless, there’s optimism that future updates, like “The Final Shape,” might address these gaps, fulfilling the desires of dedicated fans.

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